Construction Services

General Conditions

General Conditions* often refers to direct project overhead costs and include costs incurred at the jobsite for

Site Construction

Site construction is construction of buildings and other structures and improvements to real property.


Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials in construction applications, widely used due to


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Metals consist of solid materials that are generally hard, shiny, fusible, ductile, malleable and have good electrical

Wood + Plastics

Composites in construction are an engineered product, manufactured from a combination of two or more

Thermal + Moisture

Thermal and Moisture Protection in construction includes materials used to seal the outside of the building against

Doors + Windows

Doors and windows perform many functions in a residential or commercial structure, such as shielding openings from


Finishes are used during the final part of the construction or manufacturing process,


Specialties are a specific job involved in the completion of a construction project, usually performed

Equipment + Appliances

Construction Equipment refers to equipment, machinery, structures, scaffolding, materials, tools, supplies and systems owned

Furniture + Furnishings

Construction Furnishings are used for interior and exterior spaces and can include art pieces, window treatments

Special Construction

Special Construction addresses structures designed for a very specific end-use and are usually quite detailed.

Conveying Systems

Conveyor Systems are mechanical devices or assemblies that transport material with minimal effort

Plumbing + HVAC

Mechanical and plumbing refers to those aspects of building design and construction and is important for planning,

Electrical + Lighting

Electrical construction means the installation of electrical wiring on a project