Energy Saving Solutions

Using proven technologies that achieve payback in five years or less.


Keep energy savings simple

Save Money

Implement with low risk


Energy Savings Solutions:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC / Mechanical
  • Weatherization
  • Insulation
  • Roofing

Alternative Energy Solutions:

  • Facility Level Wind Turbines
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Water Audits and Conserving Fixtures
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters and Boiler Upgrades


Let's Get Started

Schedule an energy audit, we will identify any losses or inefficiencies, as well as assess your current equipment

Look over our simple and fair proposal with no hidden charges

Leave it to our expert team to make your structure energy efficient and cost saving

We offer complete investment-grade energy audits and solutions with guaranteed savings.


Benefits of Energy Improvement

Reduced cost of maintenance

Better lighting and controls

Improved heating and cooling

Less equipment breakdowns

Positive enviromental impact

Substantial energy savings

Lighting and HVAC improvements are proven to have the most significant impact on operating expenses and typically account for 65% or more of energy consumption in a commercial building or educational institution.

The JOC Energy Saving Process


Identify energy reductions and savings opportunities


Initial site visit


Purchasing cooperative selected


Scope of work development


Finalize savings opportunities and financing options


Investment-grade energy audit


Final proposal submission


Purchase order issued

Let us help you identify financing sources, as well as federal, state and local incentives to assist you in achieving your energy saving goals.